The appearance – shape, package, texture, labels – may be a powerful right which once obtained increases the market value of a product. Our team of professionals has the required expertise to advise and represent our clients with the registration of their Industrial Designs.

In order to obtain registration for an Industrial Design this must be new therefore performing pre-filing availability searches is highly advisable. We may help you identify possible registered or unregistered threats which may hinder the registration of your design.

We work with you to select the best way of protection of your designs. Filing multiple design inside a single deposit is time and cost efficient therefore whenever your designs qualify for protection in a multiple deposit we make sure you choose this efficient way of protection.

Filing the application follows a smooth process. We keep you duly informed of every stage of registration and send you timely reports about the developments before the Trademark Office.

In case the registration is affected by refusals or invalidations we have the required expertise and years of practice enabling us to file a defense against such actions. Our attorneys are well acquainted with the recent case law and practice and provide well grounded cases.

Enforcement is vital when owning an IP right. We help in developing the case strategy and ensure representation before the competent authorities.


 Advantages of FILING DESIGNS in the European Union (RCDs)

RCDs ensure significant regional protection covering all 28 EU member states and extending in case of further accessions. If there is interest in obtaining protection in more than 3 EU member states the RCD is a highly cost efficient right. Obtaining protection before EUIPO is straightforward with no subtantive examination proceedings. EUIPO does not check novelty or individual character. Once the registration is obtained RCDs may be subject to invalidity proceedings brought by third parties owning registered or unregistered prior rights.



If your goal is to register an international design you may rely on our team of professionals to facilitate the registration anywhere in the world. We collaborate with an extensive network of associes being able to assist you with specific registration procedures in any state.



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