Full range IP services in the European Union

We offer over 25 years of IP expertise, efficient teamwork and prompt execution of your orders:

  • Trademark registration and prosecution
  • Monitoring services
  • Patent registration and prosecution
  • Industrial Designs registration and prosecution
  • Renewals
  • IP Portfolio management
  • Trademark and patent litigation
  • Domain names registration and litigation
  • Custom services


Advice in the patent sector requires a solid legal background and deep understanding of each technical sector. Our highly qualified and dedicated experts are committed to ...

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Validation of European patents

Obtaining regional protection by means of an European patent is complete when this is validated in each ...

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Our team of trademark attorneys works closely together with our clients to create the best suitable strategy for obtaining protection of their trademarks. You may rely on ...

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Industrial designs

The appearance - shape, package, texture, labels - may be a powerful right which once obtained increases the market value of a product. Our team of professionals has ...

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Utility models

Utility models are protection rights that serve a dynamic and streight forward business strategy. The registration of utility models is quick because these are registered ...

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Renewal and portfolio management

Our company handles large IP portfolios in a customized manner ...

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IP litigations

We coordinate a team of well trained attorneys qualified to represent our clients in all type of IP litigations. Our advise is customized and suits each client’s ...

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Domain names

Domain names are closely related to the IP rights of each company. Usually while securing protection for a trademark it is advisable to register the corresponding domain names ...

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